With focus and guidance, your relationship can become the joyful, nurturing haven it once was. 

When you are able to safely explore the underpinnings of your behavior and how you react to your partner, couples counseling often becomes a path to individual healing. In addition to creating a happier relationship with your partner, many couples report that, as individuals, they have a clearer sense of their purpose in life and healthier connections with family and friends.

We are Craig and Debbie Lambert, relationship experts. We each have more than 30 years of success helping couples to achieve positive communication and lasting intimacy. Our focus is on helping frustrated, hurting couples gain a new understanding of themselves, their partners and even the world around them. Our own marriage is a living, loving laboratory for practicing and perfecting the skills that we bring to your sessions.


Gain new understanding of yourself, your partner and the intricate workings behind your relationship with proven, practical therapy. 


The Mindful Couple

52 Weekly Strategies to Real Love and Connection

What if you could build a stronger, healthier, happier relationship in just a few short minutes?

What if you could adopt new weekly habits that would strengthen and deepen the bond you have with your partner for the rest of your lives?

Meet The Mindful Couple.

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