10 Commandments for a Successful Marriage

Marriage education needs a little humor. Seriously folks, considering printing out this list and posting it somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Marriage needs reminders.

  • Thou shall practice daily acts of caring and kindness
  • Thou shall not criticize blame or shame your partner
  • Thou shall focus on the positive and have fun
  • Thou shall give each other daily appreciations
  • Thou shall create and maintain a couple bucket list
  • Thou shall validate your partners perspective and empathize with their feelings
  • Thou shall listen with an open heart and compassion and without judgment even when feeling vulnerable, fearful, uncertain and disappointed
  • Thou shall give without expecting something in return
  • Thou shall recognize the purpose of our relationship is to help heal each other’s childhood wounds and recognize that our partners needs are a blueprint for our own personal growth
  • Thou shall communicate our needs and desires and negative emotions to each other in a constructive way