Meet Craig and Debbie Lambert

Relationship Experts

We each have more than 30 years’ success fostering positive communication and lasting intimacy. Our focus is on helping frustrated, hurting couples gain new understanding of themselves, their partners and even the world around them.

When we both make the other a priority, when we turn toward each other instead of away, we both feel loved and connected.  We feel safe and from that place of love and safety, we can do so much in the world.

We create a safe space for you to set relationship goals, rebuild your bond and reawaken romance. 

We were in our late 50’s when we met and already had three marriages between us.

Unique among therapists, our own marriage is a living, loving laboratory for practicing and perfecting the skills and techniques that we bring to your sessions.

Some say we were lucky to find each other.  Maybe the meeting part was luck, but the staying together?

What we have learned in our marriage is that staying together and building a loving connection is a choice. 

  • Do I make my partner’s needs and desires my number one priority?
  • Do I care about how my partner is feeling and do I reach out when my partner wants or needs to connect? 
  • Do I reach out when I need to connect?

Craig Lambert

Craig Lambert, LCSW (License # LCS14003) is dedicated to helping couples rekindle their love, deepen their intimacy and communicate effectively with care and compassion. Craig has successfully worked with hundreds of San Diego couples, helping them to understand and resolve the often unconscious underpinnings of relationship conflict.


Debbie Lambert

Debbie Lambert is a relationship educator and coach with a special talent for helping couples to repair and build healthier relationships. She is also a life coach and pioneer in the field of personal transformation. Debbie is a best-selling author, creator of The Ladder of Love, and has written numerous articles about psychology, personal development and the mind/body/spirit connection.