Kind Words From Craig’s Clients and Workshop Participants

“My wife and I started seeing Craig last year and it has been the best thing for us and our marriage. Craig provides a calm safe space to really examine the relationship as a whole. Craig makes you feel at ease and really helps you see between the lines. Our sessions with Craig have been invaluable and we are stronger for it. I would absolutely recommend Craig Lambert Couples Therapy.”

“Craig Lambert and his special way of listening and experienced guidance helped our situation considerably. My husband was not happy about seeking counseling but had a complete reversal within the first 10 minutes after meeting and talking with Craig. Craig was incredibly instrumental in clarifying certain issues that we seemed not to be able to work through on our own. My husband and I also attended one of Craig’s workshops which was not only helpful but a lot of fun. I highly recommend Craig Lambert for helping couples resolve issues within their marriage. It was a blessing to have found him!!”

"My wife and I went through a very stressful few months while remodeling our home, which really put a strain on our relationship. While we made it through, we wanted to repair some of the damage that occurred, and be better prepared to handle a similar situation in the future. Craig was exactly what we needed. He didn't bring us in to argue and fight in front of him. Instead he taught us some useful exercises to improve our listening and communication skills, and offered meaningful insight into our differences as individuals. His calming demeanor and understanding brought a level of comfort to our sessions. We are very grateful that we found Craig, and plan to see him at least once a year for a check up. Highly recommended!"

“I wasn’t sure about therapy, but all the relationship tools & insights Craig provides makes communication and respecting each other’s boundaries so much easier. I know now we’ll have the nurturing, fun marriage we envision! I’m incredibly relieved that we took the plunge to learn how to fight without hurting each other, how to view each other’s differences with wonder and curiosity rather than resentment, how to talk about money & sex. Craig got us to open up and have very real, genuine conversations that actually drew us closer. At this point, I refuse to give my blessing to any new marriage unless they get premarital counseling or marriage education first, preferably through Lambert Couples Therapy. Now I can see, too, that so many of my friends never would have gotten divorced if they’d just learned these amazing insights to marriage.”

"My fiancé and I went to Craig for pre-marital counseling. He was incredibly approachable, fair and established a really good environment for us to communicate about everything and anything we needed to. Both of us felt that we benefited incredibly from doing 6 sessions with him, I would highly recommend it to any couples, whether you have anything or work through or just want to align on everything before the big day."

"We went to Craig for pre-marital counseling. He is excellent at providing a safe environment to facilitate communication and is extremely fair in his approach. We greatly appreciated our sessions with Craig and are stronger both as a couple and individually for it. I would highly recommend Craig to anyone getting ready to walk down the aisle or looking to build a stronger relationship."