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The Mindful Couple

52 Weekly Strategies to Real Love and Connection

What if you could build a stronger, healthier, happier relationship in just a few short minutes?

What if you could adopt new weekly habits that would strengthen and deepen the bond you have with your partner for the rest of your lives?

Meet The Mindful Couple.

Fast Relationship Fixes for Every Week of the Year

We’re thrilled to bring you a book of simple and easy techniques that give you the power to create a more fulfilling and loving relationship. Backed by our combined decades of experience and based on the sound principles of Imago Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and the research findings of Dr. John Gottman, The Mindful Couple provides heartfelt advice about bringing more kindness, love, and joy into your partnership.

In a simple, easy-to-digest format, we give you the strategies to:

  • Feel safe and connected
  • Realize your relationship’s potential
  • Deepen trust, respect and appreciation
  • Settle conflict peacefully
  • Keep romance alive
  • Have more fun!

These skills—and many more—are explored, explained, and enhanced by enjoyable exercises to try together. Taught by Craig and Debbie to hundreds of couples in both private therapy and group workshops over the last decade, these 52 strategies will help you feel more loving, joyful, and connected in your relationship whether you’re newly partnered or celebrating a milestone anniversary. 

Deceptively simple and easy to implement, these powerful exercises and habits outlined in The Mindful Couple will bring greater joy and deeper connection to your relationship. Think of this as your pocket guide to a healthy, happy love life.

Harville Hendrix, PhD
Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD

Imago Relationship Therapy founders & NYT bestselling authors of Getting the Love You Want

It’s like having the perfect guide at your side whispering instructions on how to return to love when reactivity distracts you.

Eric Klein

Bestselling author of You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For

I just finished your wonderful book. Initially, I was thinking it would be a great wedding gift for new couples. As I got further into it, I realized how helpful it is for all couples. I’ve been in a committed relationship for more than 30 years, 31 years married to the man I still consider to be my boyfriend. Sometimes life’s to-do lists, dramas and traumas get in the way of being lovingly connected. Your book will guide couples back to loving connected presence, a place that feels like true refuge. I look forward to using it to make us even happier, and I whole heartedly recommend it to all couples! Setting an intention to pay attention to your beloved keeps the love alive!

Julie Potiker


About the Authors

Craig Lambert, LCSW, was a couples therapist in San Diego with more than 30 years of experience helping couples to rekindle their love, deepen their intimacy and strengthen communication. Craig worked with thousands of couples and was committed to helping them understand the often unconscious underpinnings of relationship conflict. 

Debbie Lambert is a relationship educator and coach with a special talent for helping couples to repair and build healthier relationships. A life coach and pioneer in the field of personal transformation, Debbie is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).