New Year, New Relationship? Meditations to Achieve Your Goals in Love

Dating services experience a boom in January as singles determine that 2015 will be the year they will finally find the love of their life. With so many out there yearning to be in a committed, loving relationship, I wanted to provide some support and strategy for those looking for love AND for those already in a relationship. This first meditation is from teacher and speaker Esther Hicks who encourages seekers to understand The Law of Attraction or the idea that fostering positive energy, goals and beliefs results in positive consequences for one’s life. Esther Hicks has appeared on Oprah’s podcast Oprah Radio and in the original version of the movie, The Secret.

Hicks encourages those looking for love to repeat the following:

“I want to discover and have a really great partner come to me. I have the sense that he/she is around and I believe I will know her/him when I see her/him. I want the pathway to my really great partner to be easy. I’m willing to be patient about it. I do believe there is someone out there for me. I’m willing to wait for that really good connection. It might take a little while and that’s all right. I believe the universe is on my side and that I am an extension of source energy and I have laid it all out there. I’m ready to settle into the perfect match now. I know what I want: I know how it feels: I know the difference between what feels good and what feels a little off. I like knowing this and I like knowing that once I get this, I will have it all. I like being a co-creator. I get that this is an energy game. It’s not a matter of just walking around and snatching my partner up off the street. I get that it’s a vibrational gain. I get that is a law of attraction game and I get that I’m sending out a radiating signal, a clear signal, a signal that says I’m free, I’m fun, I’m clear, and single and ready and delicious. I’m nice and fun to be with. I love life, and I’m a deliberate creator. All things are working out for me. I love the idea of co-creating with somebody else. I love this feeling of knowing that the divine is guiding me and moving me forward, clearing the way, and helping me define a perfect relationship.”

Positive Energy for Those with Partners

The drive to unite with another is so strong, singles can sometimes lose sight of the fact that those in relationships still can struggle with loneliness, frustration and more. Those in relationships know that they must reserve significant energy and understanding to keep their partnership positive. I’ve written up the following visualization to help couples nurture the positive aspects of their relationship. Saying it out loud regularly helps to manifest it. “I love having my partner interested in and attracted to me. I love that he/she enjoys spending time with me. I love that my partner feels so connected to me and that I feel so connected to them. I love looking at him/her and seeing the magnificent being that they are. I love being able to look into their eyes and see their innocence, the light and the love that’s inside of them and I love that they can look into my eyes and see the same innocence, love and light that is inside of me. I love the excitement and the loving feelings that I feel towards her/him and the excitement and loving feelings that she/he feels towards me. I feel safe and happy in my relationship. We’re enjoying life together.

I love seeing the divine in my partner and having my partner seeing the divine in me It feels so good to know that my partner cares about me and wants to spend time with me. It feels so good to spend time laughing and talking and cuddling. It feels so present, so connected, so sensual and so vital. I love the deep intimacy that my partner feels for me and I for them. I feel like I’m giving and receiving unconditional love. I feel strong, confident, joyful and carefree with my partner and they feel that way with me. I feel so attracted to my partner and she/he towards me. I feel a tender connection, a kindness, and a gentleness, towards my partner and she/he towards me.

I love having this glorious feeling of unconditional love towards my partner and she/he towards me.” I’d like to add this prayer for couples to help each partner come to terms with his or her own limitations and surrender control over his or her behavior. “Holy Spirit, I set myself and my partner free. I surrender and free my partner up to be whomever and whatever they want to be. I surrender and let go of any need to control or have my partner act certain way. I surrender my needing to have it be a certain way and I’m open to whatever happens and recognize I’m always at the right place at the right time and that everything I need to know I will know at the moment I need to know it.” If you struggle to genuinely feel the sentiments these meditations suggest, getting some short-term therapy could help you live and connect more fully.