New Years 2024 Newsletter

New Years is a wonderful time to create goals and habits articulated in the past and maybe never achieved.   I see this at the gym every January. It gets exceptionally crowded January 2nd. Everyone is in a great mood and the classes are at capacity.  I remember asking my trainer, “Where did all these people come from?” “Parking is a mess”. He answered, “It’s the new year, give it three weeks and it will be back to normal.” This gave me pause.  We have great intentions and set goals that are truly important to us, but so quickly we fall back into our old habits. I could see this pattern in my own life. “I’m not going to eat sugar or gluten starting January 1st”, only to find myself having pizza and ice cream January 15th. 

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Always Work

This year one of my commitments is to create and maintain vibrant health.   I spent the first week of the new year at a health spa in Mexico, with two very close girlfriends. It inspired me to make some changes in my diet which I did, until I didn’t.  Rather than giving up completely on the changes, I decided to focus more on the intention. Before I fall asleep, I realign with my intention for vibrant health. I visualize going through the day making choices that align with my intention.  I bring in the feeling of joy and ease. The more I do this, the more I am reprogramming my subconscious to make different choices more easily.

Yes, I can still get off track, but now rather than seeing it as a failure and a reason to abandon my intention, I simply refocus. I say to myself, Vibrant Health, as a gentle reminder of my desired path.  Then when I choose to stay on the path (or not) at least I am doing it from a place of conscious choice. The more I repeat, Vibrant Health, the more my choices naturally fall in that direction.

So, what are your intentions for the new year? How is it going?  

Are there goals and habits already being kicked to the curb? I believe that if we set intentions they are important to us, important enough not to abandon when we get off track. Here are some intentions I hear from clients this year, just in case you are feeling stuck.

  • Be less defensive when my partner is upset
  • Listen more and ask questions when I disagree
  • Stay out of the muck on the little things
  • Remember my partner is my most important relationship
  • Make more loving requests 
  • When I set a boundary, make sure it is a loving one
  • Remember to provide more support than solutions when my partner needs help
  • Shift from knowing to curiosity
  • Shift from annoying to adorable
  • Show more appreciations – avoid becoming like the Swedish farmer who loved his wife so much, one day he almost told her.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I know the power of visualization, not only in my own experience but in the experience of the many I work with.  So, I invite you to try visualizing yourself being in alignment with your intention before you go to sleep.  Feel the lived experience of being in alignment with that intention.  This is a heart experience, so shift from your head to your heart.  Shift from thinking about it to feeling it.

Being intentional is being in growth mode. It is a beautiful and creative place to be.  It happens through the little wins, not by being perfect. As always, if you choose to try this, have fun with it!  Being in a state of joy is maybe one of the most important things we can do, particularly when it comes to creating new beginnings. 

Always remember, we can restart and recommit to creating any day of the year… new years goals can be a bit of a trap if we feel we need January 1st as an excuse to begin and then our “getting off track” as an excuse to give up.

January 1st – a special day for me.

New Years marks two important dates.  Craig and I got married on New Years Day, so it is a time to be very grateful for the beautiful years we shared together and for the continued loving presence I feel from him almost every day.  

It also happens to be Lilah’s birthday. This year she turned two and is as cute as ever. She has her own comments about this birthday that you can read below.  I can only say, that each day I share with her in this life, I am deeply grateful.  Our bond is adorable and I know she was truly heaven sent.

From Lilah Lambert (support dog)

While mom was in Mexico, I was with Louie!
Louie has a sister Bella and this time I had a chance to get closer to her as well.  We went for walks together.  Crystal, (Bella and Louis’ mom) says that Bella is more of a walker and I am more of a sniffer.  I can’t help it.  There are so many smells outside and I can’t get enough of them!  But we worked it out and Bella learned to sniff more and I learned to walk more (sort of).
Here we are taking a Christmas picture.  It was supposed to be just for Louie, but I couldn’t help myself! Louie was like, “What?”
Crystal and her kids Anela and Jaden,  gave me a birthday party on January 1st.  Omg, it was so much fun.  I had a birthday hat, scarf and there was a huge birthday cake! They even sang happy birthday to me!!!
Here I am waiting for everyone to arrive at the party!
Still waiting…
Louie was so curious about the cake, but he wouldn’t try it.

Back home now and back to work.  Mom says that I am growing up and doing a better job of not whining so much at the beginning of each session.  I just panic that the session will go on forever and I will be hungry.  So, when she gives me a little treat it’s easier to settle down.  I love my job and feel grateful every time people come to visit.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, happy and healthy New Year.  As always, we are grateful for all of our friends, family and clients.

Much love,
Debbie and Lilah