Premarital Counseling

A great marriage doesn’t just happen.

It is something two people consciously co-create over time. Premarital counseling prepares couples to navigate the ups and downs of marriage and deepen the foundation of love and connection that already exists.

Premarital counseling not only prepares you and your partner for the challenges and opportunities of married life, it deepens your relationship, making you both even more excited to commit to each other for life.


During premarital counseling you will learn how to:

  • Effectively communicate with your partner
  • Create a shared vision for your marriage
  • Navigate conflict and deepen connection
  • Build trust and intimacy
  • Keep the romance alive
  • Manage money together

Premarital counseling is so powerful that some states require it before issuing a marriage license.

The pastors of many churches (most consistently, the Roman Catholics) won’t marry a couple unless they first attend their premarital program.

This isn’t arbitrary: a frequently cited, comprehensive study by researchers from the University of Denver determined that couples who received premarital counseling had a divorce rate 31% lower than those who didn’t.

Is premarital counseling right for your relationship?

We feel that any new relationship can benefit from premarital counseling. It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are cohabitating, engaged, or are newlyweds.

If you’re in a committed relationship and want to deepen your connection, premarital counseling will give you the tools you need for long term success.

How does premarital counseling work?

Our premarital counseling program consists of six one-hour counseling sessions that create a foundation for future success through education, exercises and conversation.

To begin, you’ll receive a link to purchase the online assessment, Prepare/Enrich ($35). We offer this to you at our cost and the results will be sent to us for review in your sessions. We will guide you through the results highlighting relationship strengths and areas where you may need growth to support lasting intimacy.

Together, we’ll use skill-building exercises to enhance a deeper connection. This process encourages heart-to-heart conversations that are the key to understanding your partner.

What People Are Saying

We tried Premarital Counseling through our church, but felt it didn’t resolve some of the issues that were a problem between us. Debbie really helped us work through those issues and we feel a much stronger connection now. My husband was very resistant but admitted that the sessions were not only helpful, but quite fun as well.

My fiancé and I went to Craig for premarital counseling. He was incredibly approachable, fair and established a really great environment for us to communicate about everything and anything we needed to. Both of us felt that we benefitted incredibly from doing 6 sessions with him. I would highly recommend it to any couples. If you have anything to work through or just want to align on anything before the big day.

Debbie was able to skillfully navigate us through some very sensitive topics around finances and the wedding. These are issues we thought had the potential of breaking us up, but instead, our sessions not only helped us to find a pathway to reconciliation, they helped us find more compassion and understanding.