Relationship Tune-Up

Relationships are just like cars: they experience wear and tear and periodically need a tune up.

Our Relationship Tune-Up is a type of preventive maintenance to ensure that your union continues to be healthy and well. We believe that if you ignore the little things that go wrong, you may end up dealing with a major breakdown. While the Relationship Tune-Up is not therapy per se, it is a session or two to assess and deepen your bond.

Some questions that we ask include:

  1. How satisfied are you with the relationship?
  2. Are you having any difficulty discussing or resolving differences?
  3. Do you both feel happy and connected?
  4. Are there any behaviors that are bothering you?
  5. Do you feel loved and cared for?
  6. Are you both happy with the amount of physical and emotional intimacy?

Couples counseling is usually assumed to be for troubled relationships. By contrast, the Relationship Tune-Up enhances an already healthy relationship taking it to the next level of love and connection.