We are available for speaking engagements and workshops nationwide.

With more than 30 years of experience working with couples and individuals, we present innovative, practical solutions to the relationship challenges we all face, at every stage of our lives.

As relationship experts, we speak enthusiastically and knowledgeably on a broad range of topics, some of which are described below. 

The Mindful Couple

To be mindful means to see things as they actually are—not as we wish they were or imagine them to be. The nature of all things is change: when we are attached to our partner behaving a certain way then our ability to love them becomes frozen. We discuss how, through mindfulness and the qualities of kindness such as being nonjudgmental and listening, that we can release the grasping and attachment to our partner being or acting a certain way.

Seven Habits for a Great Relationship

We present the seven habits every couple should develop to ensure a loving, lasting marriage. From focusing on the positive and having fun to communicating negative emotions in a constructive way, we explain how these principles impact a marriage, providing relevant examples and practical tips couples can use every day to strengthen their relationship.

Making Love Last

A lot of time and energy is spent finding the “perfect” match. Many of us think that once we say “I do” the work is over. The idea of spending time focusing and working on your most important relationship may seem strange; yet, growing unconditional love and creating the marriage of your dreams takes practice and work. Like anything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

To achieve the goal of real and lasting love, we would like to introduce you to the three relationship stages of a long term marriage or partnership. We will explain what these stages are and examine how being attuned to them can better prepare couples for long term relationships—and happiness.

Couplehood as a Spiritual Path

There is no relationship that provides us with greater opportunity to be spiritual than marriage or partnership. All religious traditions value honesty, integrity and forgiveness; these are difficult enough to achieve alone but being part of a couple magnifies both the challenges and rewards of these qualities. For that reason, intimacy is the new frontier of spirituality.

We will talk about the idea of relationships being a sacred commitment and how to make them a sanctuary from blame, shame and criticism. We’ll cover how to incorporate meditation, prayer and healing rituals into the covenant of intimacy and examine the wisdom and grace we learn by truly forgiving our partner’s transgressions. It is only through unconditional human love that we are able to even begin to fathom what God’s love is.