The Ladder of Love Method

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The Ladder of Love was “downloaded” to me while driving my parents home from the hospital one evening. They were in the back seat bickering with one another. I suddenly had a very clear picture of a gooey muck and, emerging from the muck, there was a ladder with three levels.

The Ladder of Love captures the essential steps we make either consciously or unconsciously to step out of fear and self-doubt into a place where life is filled with joy, happiness, ease and success. Ultimately, climbing is a choice, one of beginning and then one of continuing.

It looked something like this:​

  • Love – Embracing what is
  • Acceptance – Allowing what is
  • Awareness – Seeing what is
  • Muck – Resisting what is

Muck is that state of resistance we enter when something goes wrong and we have a reaction to it. It can be very small like running out of milk or much bigger like infidelity or divorce. We all have well entrenched patterns to deal with the Muck in our lives and we all share the desire to free ourselves from it.

The Muck, much as we want out of it, is a gift: it contains the seed of our desire for change and serves as an excellent starting point for our work together. The model of The Ladder of Love is an integral part of my work with both individuals and couples.

As I introduce you to it, you will learn how to see the patterns of Muck you get into and, more importantly, learn how to get out.

Some of the ways to ascend the Ladder of Love, Acceptance and Awareness are:

  • Tapping into the energy of love
  • Giving your ego a new job
  • Listening deeply
  • Managing your words
  • Creating loving boundaries
  • Turning complaints into loving requests
  • Being the first to take responsibility
  • Shifting from inner critic to inner coach
  • Creating rituals of love and connection
  • Allowing resistant emotions to flow through you

Why I Created and Use the Ladder of Love Model

I strongly believe that everything in life is energy including our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. Some energy vibrates at a higher frequency. When we are in the Muck, we are vibrating at a much lower level than when we are immersed in Love.

Vibration is important because as we vibrate higher, similar higher forms of vibration are attracted to us. This helps to explain why when one thing goes wrong, everything seems to follow; conversely, when we are at our happiest and best, good things flow to us.

The Ladder of Love is a simple yet powerful approach that clarifies how to achieve a higher vibration from which health, happiness, peace, calm, love, joy and success will follow. I look forward to introducing you this approach.