Travel Partners

Traveling with your partner is a great metaphor for your relationship. Just as we journey through life together, traveling can be the journey within the journey.

As our everyday routines are replaced by the unknown, and the normal structures fall away, we might find ourselves thrown off balance. A sense of uncertainty replaces predictability. This is an opportunity to see each other in a new way. It is also a wonderful time to dialogue about how we travel together. What do you like best about traveling together? What would you like to see more of? What’s been the most challenging for you?

It may also be easy to delude yourself into thinking that just because you’re away together and traveling together that you must be connecting. After all, you are spending almost all your time together, eating, sleeping, and talking. But is that really connecting? How do we reach the deepest and most profound connection with our partners? Deep connection isn’t necessarily influenced by where you are. Surroundings may change, however, one must continuously work on deepening connections with our partners by using the dialogue practice. Even when things seem to be going well we can push a little deeper. You may be surprised at how your trip can help you deepen your understanding of not just who you are and who your partner is, but who you are together. Happy travels.